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Web Hosting

Do you know, more than half a million websites are created daily and most probably, you are also thinking of creating your own website. Websites are created for numerous reasons including online stores, blogging, news, health services, How To services, personal portfolios, company portfolios and much more. Websites are a great way to globalize your brand, your identity and yourself. Different people have different passions for the websites. Some create websites to earn while others create for joy and some for entertainment and as a hobby. Creating a website in 2020 is not a difficult task as today, one can create his own website without any prior knowledge of web designing, graphics designing and web development. But the only thing you need is the knowledge of right tools and resources. And the most basic thing one needs is the idea for which he is going to create a site.

Steps to Create a Website:

Buying a Domain Name:

After brainstorming about what your website will be about, the next step will be the buying a domain and a web hosting service. Now, for the beginner, domain is something the address of your website. Without a domain, no one can have access to your site. It's the name of your site registered with a specific ip address. It is the alternate of the ip address code of your site.

Buying a Hosting Service:

The next step in website creation is choosing a domain hosting service commonly called web hosting service. Web hosting is the service which hosts your data and files on an online cloud which remains online all the time. So, whenever someone types your domain in the web search bar, your site will pop up and he/she can surf or scroll your website. Web hosting services store your data on a secure online platform and make it available and up 24/7. Choosing the hosting service is the most critical part of your website development. Most of the beginners choose wrong hosting plans or services, causing frustrations and problems in the start of their journey. Here, we will discuss what should be the basic terminologies in the web hosting services and what they should provide or what should be the criteria which made a hosting company a good hosting company.

Basic Concept Before Buying Hosting Service:

Starting with the basic terminologies which one should understand how to start a site successfully. Starting with the simplest one is Bandwidth.


Bandwidth is the ability or capability of your site to handle traffic in a month or at a time. Most companies provide bandwidth of a fews gigabytes to unlimited bandwidth. Always consider that hosting company which provides unlimited bandwidth. This is important as if one uses limited bandwidth, this will be utilized in a few days and cause your site to go down as it will be unable to host more traffic.

Disk Space:

Second one is Disk Space. Disk space is the space your hosting provides for your files. It's just like your online ssd or hdd. The difference is that ssd and hdd are inside your computer and can work online while disk space is the space on cloud and can only be reached with the internet. We are providing you with the numerous different packages for your needs. Disk Space totally depends upon your requirements. Let's say if you want to host only blogs, you will need 4 to 20 GB of disk space with 1000 visitors daily. But, if you want to start a site like Netflix, then you will require 100's of GBs of disk space. Our company will provide you different plans according to your need.


Secure Socket Lock. It is the service which secures your data between your server and the user end. It is another or extra layer of security for your site. Moreover, a good hosting company as in our case provides SSL certificates in addition to the firewall. Security is the most important part. In 2013, Amazon lost about more than 60,000 dollars per minute when their site was hacked or down for about thirty minutes.


One of the ranking factors is speed. Users want your site to be superfast and its load time should be about 2 to 3 seconds and if longer than that, the user might leave your site and move to the next option. You might have noticed that the top ranked websites in Google search results load in a second or two. Our web hosting service will provide you the best speed and optimizations for your website ranking.


Customer support is the requirement of you and your website. Most of the time, a website is down with any known reason or you lose some of your important data or unable to install a plugin or a theme, here the customer support by the hosting company comes into action. Be sure about the 24/7 support by your company. As in our case, we give support to our customers anywhere and anytime, whenever they require our help.


Pricing is one of the major factors which can help your pocket to remain safe and your site running. Different hosting companies provide packages from one dollar per month to thousands of dollars per month and even few hosting companies are providing it free. But the drawback for free hosting companies is that it provides limited bandwidth and disk space and shows ads on your website.

One Click WordPress Installation:

WordPress is the most basic part of web designing. WordPress is a highly customizable open source blogging platform. For the most valuable hosting services, one click wordpress is most important. WordPress provides a number of plugin installation platforms and one can customize his site according to his requirements. WordPress can be converted into an ecommerce store, an online movies watching platform, a blog site, a LMS system and much more. We provide our users with one click wordpress installation making it easy for them to carry their website to the top in google ranking and making it easy for them to customize the site according to their needs.


Hackers attack on a site is common and thousands of websites are daily hacked. There is not a single authentic way to secure the site as security softwares is created by humans and there are human errors. Hackers exploit these errors and target a website. Most best hosting providers provide you the daily backups or weekly depending upon your package.

Content Creation:

After the selection of the domain name and web hosting company, it's important to create the content for the site. Web hosting companies can provide you the best they can including domains, wordpress, SSL, support, bandwidths etc. The next step in website creation is content creation. The content is the soul of your website. The content will determine your future in the online marketplace. Always create valuable content. The first impression of the site will make the viewer to view and remember the domain, making your site more reachable. Each viewer will be the advertiser of your site if the content and design of the page is fantastic.

Final Words:

Websites are the great source of entertainment as well as income if handled properly. What you need is to select a proper domain, hosting and valuable content. Always choose your package according to your requirements. There are a hell lot of hosting services in the market. Our hosting service will provide you the best experience ever. From SSL security to customer support and from free domain to unlimited bandwidth. We provide you a complete package to start your website. All you need is to create quality content for your traffic. Our hosting service will provide you the best ever experience.

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